The Lion House

The Farm

we plant, we eat


A day rarely goes by that Mahlon does not plant 


Our farm is situated 10 minutes from the Lion House in the lush hills. Here we grow a wide variety of produce for our farm to table dining. The foundation is simple - if we plant we will eat and never go hungry.

Of course its important to know what, when, where and how to plant. 

A lifetime of experience is what guides Mahlon and the results of his labour produce some of the best fruits and vegetables to be had for miles around. Most importantly he loves what he does and puts his heart and soul in to producing food that will nourish more than just the body.



Mahlon has been farming all of his life and his philosophy is one of working in harmony with the earth. He plants by the moon cycles and astrological signs and his way is infused with both permaculture and biodynamic principles. 


Farm Tours

Take a trip to the farm to see and experience how Mahlon farms using natural methods. Depending on the time of year there may be possibilities to spend a half day helping to harvest or plant and to have a delicious bush meal cooked on an open fire.
Advance booking is necessary.