The Lion House

The Gully

be embraced by nature


Jamaica is mostly hills and gullies covered with dense vegetation and bush. Come enjoy our verdant productive gully with an astonishing variety of plants and trees. 

The gully trail is an invitation to delight in senses that we may have forgotten in our busy lives. Descending steeply in to the canopied jungle there is an immediate sense of being far from everything. The silence is enhanced by the perfume of the moist earth. Traversing the hillside many times brings us to the gully bottom where ancient hardwoods stand guard. Here it's time to stop, to breathe deeply and to experience the utter tranquillity.  Follow the path upwards and our meditation deck beckons.  Catch sight of the Lion House rising above and allow the essence of natural beauty seep in to every part of your being.


Walk the Trail

Best in the early norming when it’s cool although any time is an opportunity to absorb the vitalising energy that pervades this delightful forest. Listen to the sounds of sweet birdsong, be surprised by the deep silence and stop and reconnect with your own essence.


Foraged Food & Medicine

The Gully abounds with self-seeded wild fruit and vegetables including citrus. coconut, papaya, sweetsop, soursop, pumpkin and more. Collect medicinal pants, culinary herbs and wild bush teas to sample on your return while being inspired by the utter peace and tranquility at the bottom of the gully.