The Lion House
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Irie vibes in the hills of St Ann


Few can escape from being moved by the scene that captures the viewer on arrival at the Lion House 


There is a magic here that is intangible yet very real


A Tropical Paradise

Our trail will take you on a magical journey where you will be touched by the abundance and beauty of nature 




Rastafarianism is a way of life or livity. The interpretation of this livity is essentially unique to each one, yet embraces fundamental concepts.  These include the premise that we are all one, that heaven is here now on this earth and that we have the ability to bring that about by our actions and that God or Jah resides within. Most rastas are vegetarian/vegan, although some will eat fish. Certainly they are particular in what they eat with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and natural foods being fundamental to their diet. Honesty, loyalty, respect and inner strength weave through their day-to-day interactions.

The use of herb (cannabis) as a sacrament is a choice and there are many rastas who do not smoke.

The growing and wearing of dreadlocks is also optional and here too, many rastas have no outer appearance of embracing this way of life.